The Dutch Hannes Verhoeven (1984) is mainly known for his sculptures in public space. His sculptures, often in a natural environment, arouse sympathy and are of interest to a wide audience. Verhoeven lives and works in the countryside. His studio is located in Esbeek on the outskirts of the village, in this area is also the Andreas Schotel art route where a large part of his public works of art can be found.

The countryside is a frequently recurring theme in his sculptures, in which humans and animals play an important role. With his passion for the animals in the countryside, he looks for connections, which creates a powerful figure. Is his work a song of praise for farming, in which he himself grew up, or an indictment of bio industry ? Verhoeven leaves the judgment to his audience. His most eye-catching public work is an 8 meter high cow called The Milkfactory . “Industrialization has overtaken agriculture. In the past, there were still plenty of cows in the landscape . Nowadays they rarely leave the barn. It is the time of the milking robot”.

In making his sculptures he uses various techniques such as modeling and 3d printing and the larger works are often made from wire steel. Recently, a series of design sculptures has come onto the market that are intended for a large target group of art and design enthusiasts, to make their interior more interesting and personal. With every sculpture made by hand, he shows you his passion that he has in it. These sculptures are made with an environmentally friendly solid synthetic resin.